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NetEnt Live Dealer Roulette

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Live Dealer Roulette

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6th May 2017

There is no casino game more popular or familiar than roulette. The red-and-black numbers game is perfect for first time players and seasoned gamblers alike, offering a huge variety of bet types and ways to win. Every spin of the wheel creates fresh drama and excitement, and every player can create their own unique betting style and strategy.

Live Roulette

With NetEnt’s Live Dealer Roulette, players can get up close to the action and enjoy all of the thrills of a real casino. The wheel is streamed from a live studio, and hosted by a real human dealer, who interacts with players and builds the atmosphere.

Live roulette certainly has the edge over electronic roulette, as it captures all of the sights and sounds of the table. Everything is real - from the slick wooden wheel to the professional croupier - so you get an authentic casino experience.

This offering by NetEnt is one of the best on the market. The game studio is perhaps better known for its online slots, but it has one of the finest live casino selections out there as well. They hire skilled professional dealers with a friendly manner, who chat to players during games and help to build the drama up.

How to play Live Roulette

The only simulated part of the game is the table itself, which players use to place their bets. All action takes place in real time, so make sure you place your chips before the dealer calls the end of that round! Select the amount per chip, and the number of chips, and place these onto the table wherever you wish to place your bet. The wheel will spin, a number will be selected - and if your bet is covered by that selection, you get a payout!

The most basic bet in roulette is a single number selection. There are 36 numbers on the wheel, plus a zero. You can choose any of these by placing your chips on that number. In the event that your number is called by the wheel, you get a win of 35x your stake!

Of course, these are pretty long odds! Most people prefer to hedge their bets with a more likely outcome. The most popular roulette bets are the near 50-50 shots of red/black and odd/even. Alternatively, choose a third of the grid to cover 12 numbers at once.

Other roulette bets

Players of NetEnt Live Dealer Roulette can also try out come more complex bets. Lay chips between two or four numbers, for example, to select all of these in one bet. Odds and payouts are adjusted accordingly. Sets of six numbers can also be selected by laying chips at the side of the grid, across the dividing line.

Some players like to employ betting strategies, such as selecting numbers based on their position on the wheel. The ‘neighbours’ bet is popular, choosing a single number and also those adjacent to it. Others use systems as simple as favourite numbers or the birthdays of loved ones. You could even base your bet on numbers previously called. NetEnt’s dynamic tracker records the wheel’s activity for the player’s reference.

Live Casino at Casimpo

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Live Dealer Roulette Slot Machine